QR Codes

  • Embracing Technology at First National North Haven
    You have quite possible seen these funny little black squares popping up in magazines, on signs and even on food packaging and with many people wondering what are they? Well these funny little boxes are called QR Codes and First National North Haven, are the first agents in the area to utilise this technology to its full potential. QR Codes are a two dimensional barcode that produces a mobile internet link to your phone. This allows you to easily view and access property information on your mobile phone including details, pictures and of course video. So from now you will see these QR Codes on their Photo signboards, Window Cards and other marketing which will allow you to access all the information on the property. “We are very excited by the introduction of QR Codes and following extensive research we know that they work in many other areas. We believe that this will be an added dimension to our business and will certainly give an edge to our client’s homes.” said Principal Stewart O’Brien. He also added that they had even had Ross embrace this new technology. To use simply download the reader to your I-phone or Smartphone (available at www.northhavenfn.com.au) and start scanning. For more information on this exciting new marketing technology, call the Most Active agents in the area, the team at First National North Haven on 6559 7007.


    Click link to download QR Code Scanner